Land Registry Phone Number

0843 116 0040

Land Registry

Land Registry, Trafalgar House, 1 Bedford Park, Croydon CR0 2AQ offers call-connection service to users requiring important information about land registration services and property data. By calling our phone number, you’ll be immediately redirected to the requisite information centre at your nearest land registry office so that you can enquire about any land or property related queries.

Officially known as Her Majesty's Land Registry under the 2002 Land Registration Act, Land Registry was formed in 1862 for registering land and property ownership in Wales and England. It is an executive agency of the UK Government since 1990. A part of BIS, it is also a member of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Public Data Group. The head office of this Government Department is located in Croydon while the Land Charges Department and IT Department are situated in Plymouth.

There are 14 offices of Land Registry located at Birkenhead, Croydon, Fylde (Warton), Swansea, Coventry, Kingston upon Hull, Peterborough, Weymouth, Durham, Nottingham, Telford, Plymouth, Leicester and Gloucester.

Every local office is overseen by an area manager, a land registrar (the office’s senior lawyer) and a customer service manager along with a staff responsible to process applications received by them from the public and legal professionals.

The Land Registry is responsible for maintaining the land register consisting of documentation of 23 million titles and ownership evidence. With a vision of being recognised as the leading provider of digital land registration services and administration and reuse of property or land related data, the department constantly endeavours to provide the best services to the property professionals and the public in general.

If you require any information regarding land registration or property documentation, you can call our number and we’ll efficiently connect you to the nearest land registry office.

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